Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Korean Association for Lung Cancer (KALC) successfully organized the KALC International Conference (KALC-IC) in 2018 and 2020. Nobody can deny that our great success was achievable thanks to the voluntary and unselfish participation and contribution by many delegates, both domestic and international. Based on our experience, we are happy to announce that the KALC has determined to hold the KALC-IC as an annual event during the autumn season from this year.

For the 2021 KALC-IC, we have carefully planned a variety of sessions consisting of precision medicine, diagnostic radiology, surgical and bronchoscopic technique, radiation therapy, lung cancer screening, big data & registry, and targeted & immunotherapy. We also included a joint symposium with the Korean Association of Immunologists in order to provide an opportunity for looking into and discussing the areas of immunology which are attracting the majority of attention from the researchers in this field recently, and have added a transnational research session.

In particular, we are delighted to hold the 10th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium during the 2021 KALC-IC, under the topic “Management of Early-Stage Lung Cancer”, and would like to express our special thanks to Professor Akihiko Gemma, President of the Japanese Lung Cancer Society.

Even though the global COVID-19 pandemic situation has not yet been fully under control, we think that we are definitely forwarding towards the brighter side, as the worldwide vaccination rate is continuously increasing. We would hopefully expect that we could get together and share our new and fruitful experiences and ideas in the field of lung cancer, both in off-line and on-line formats, at the 2021 KALC-IC this autumn.

We would thank you for your support and participation in advance, and look forward to welcoming you to the 2021 KALC-IC in Seoul.

Yours sincerely,

  • Yong Chan Ahn
    Korean Association for Lung Cancer

  • Young Chul Kim
    Korean Association for Lung Cancer

Congratulatory Remark from Japan Lung Cancer Society

Dear all members of Korean Association for Lung Cancer (KALC),

As a President of the Japan Lung Cancer Society (JLCS), I would like to congratulate on holding international conference (KALC-IC) 2021. KALC-IC has started this time to be held every year, and it has been becoming more and more successful. The environment surrounding cancer medicine is changing drastically, including diagnostic and therapeutic development using AI, cancer genome profiling by next-generation sequencing technology, robotic surgery, immunotherapy, and molecular-targeted drugs. Lung cancer, which should be treated by making full use of those tools, locates at the center of its evolution. Now that the word “glocalization” is being recognized, it is extremely significant for KALC and JLCS to "gather in Korea and think about lung cancer on a global scale". JLCS will have a selection of experts truly suitable for early-stage lung cancer.

I sincerely hope that in Seoul, the central city of Asia, there will be meaningful discussions that will change the treatment of perioperative lung cancer.


  • Akihiko Gemma, MD, PhD
    Japan Lung Cancer Society