KALC 2023

Korean Association for Lung Cancer International Conference

 Lung Cancer, from Challenge to Change

November 30 - December 1, 2023
Lotte Hotel World, Seoul, Korea


KALC International Conference 2023 offers you an opportunity to join our sponsorship program as well as exhibition, where you can advertise your products and services to participants from all over the world.

Reasons and benefits of exhibiting at KALC International Conference 2023:

  • 1. Interpersonal connection:you will be given the opportunity to meet and mingle with term decision makers. Connect with the right people to generate more leads.
  • 2. Networking opportunities:you will be given plenty of opportunities to connect with various networking resources throughout the event.
  • 3. Competition comparison:through your exhibition booth display, show our attendees how you stand out from the competition!
  • 4. Gain new industry insight:obtain new insights by attending the keynote and session speaker presentations throughout the event.
  • 5. Unveil new products:introduce your new product or device to a live crowd during your exhibition at the KALC International Conference 2023!