KALC 2023

Korean Association for Lung Cancer International Conference

 Lung Cancer, from Challenge to Change

November 30 - December 1, 2023
Lotte Hotel World, Seoul, Korea


  • Seoul, the Gateway to Asia and Europe

    The Korean Peninsula lies in the center of Northeast Asia. The coordinates of its capital, Seoul, are 37.34° N and 126.59° E, putting it in close proximity to the Yellow Sea. Seoul is within a three-hour flight from 43 cities with populations of over one million people. Korea’s location between China and Japan has been a great geographical advantage for the nation.

  • Fall in Seoul

    Seoul’s pleasant fall season lasts from September to November. Seoul is filled with bright fall colors at this time of year. Fall is known as the harvest season, which Korean People celebrate by paying tribute to ancestral deities and spirits. The Seoul Street Art Festival (Hi Seoul Festival), one of Seoul’s major festivals, is held during this period. during the festival, Changgyeonggung Palace and Gyeongbokgung Palace are open to the public in the evenings. There is also the Seoul Lantern Festival along the Cheonggyecheon Stream that lights up the water at night during the fall season.

Seoul’s average temperature and rainfall by month (unit ℃,mm)

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Year
Temperature -4 -1.6 8.1 13.0 18.2 23.1 27.8 28.8 21.5 13.1 7.8 -0.6 12.9
Rainfall 8.5 29.6 49.5 130.3 222 171.5 185.6 202.6 68.5 120.5 79.1 16.4 1284.1

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